Forex Peace Army Reviews – How FAP Turbo is a False Partner For Forex Training Programs

For many years now, I’ve been a big fan of Forex Peace Army. They’ve consistently been offering solid information for all types of traders. Their training, advice and tools are great for those who are just starting out in the FX markets.

Then FPA started to get into some shady business – greenmail – get unsolicited reviews. Little to no integrity at all. For Forex news, take a look here at Forex Magnets.

I’ve never met anyone that actually trades with FAP Turbo. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any experience with Forex trading programs. But I’d like to tell you my views about FAP and FPA Forex training programs.

The fact is that you can get all the training you need in the form of videos for FAP, but there’s no way you can get all the real life hands-on training of a Forex trader online. You can, however, find all the basic tools and strategies you need in a video. But it’s very difficult to build a system around just one tool or one strategy.

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I’d like to make sure that you see my comments regarding FAP. You can’t just rely on the word of FAP, as they’ve been known to make misleading claims about their products.

Forex Peace Army Reviews

Another thing that makes me uncomfortable with FAP is that they don’t have any financial support from the banks. It seems like they rely totally on selling their own system. That’s not a sign of a good Forex market education program.

My favorite part of FPA reviews is the testimonial section. The reviews always give me a chance to read from the heart what other traders have said about their experiences with the program. You can really feel their emotions as they share their knowledge with you.

As a rule of thumb, if a product has bad reviews, it’s probably a good sign. FAP is no different. So if you’re looking for a good Forex training program, I’d try Forex Magnets, as they have solid reviews and provide a way to get to know their authors.

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If you’re looking for a training program that teaches about the basics, I’d recommend the Forex Trading Machine course. It does a very thorough job of teaching about the fundamental parts of trading. The best way I know to explain it to others is to describe it as “a set of DVDs with a book”. In that sense, the product is great.

There are also some great videos available on the site that teaches about the fundamentals of the trading system. This way, you can start learning about the basics and continue to learn as you go along with the trading system. The Forex Marketing Guide and The Forex Trading Manual are two good books to read along with this training course.

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