Using Topforex to Trade

TopForex Currency Trading Software is one of the most widely used Forex trading platforms. It is used by many professional traders around the world and it was created in 1996 by Richard Garneau. TopForex provides both scalping and profit maximization feature to its customers.

Top Forex is an independent brand owned and run by Cyprus investment company Goldenberg Group Limited that is licensed under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Moreover, the software also has multiple licenses from European regulatory bodies. The software comes with a large number of analytical tools and has technical indicators for better working with the charts. The trading platform comes with two different forex brokers namely the Forex Expert Advisor (FEA) and the Forex Scalper Robot (FSR).

This software is easy to install, configure and use and the software itself is not complicated in the sense that it requires no technical skills to be able to handle the system. The trading system is compatible with Windows based computers and can be accessed from any internet connection.

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With the use of Top Forex, you are able to monitor your trading in Forex in real time and you are also able to analyze the market performance and decide on what to do next. You are also able to create custom Forex charts using the graphs, indicators and signals that are present in the software.


You will also be able to create the Forex indicators that can help you make a better analysis of the market. There are also indicators for the time-frame in which you trade in Forex. The software comes with a built in demo account for you to test your strategies before you actually begin trading in Forex.

The trading platform is supported by the latest versions of the Microsoft Office program as well as other popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer. You can open these applications through the Internet browser and access them from any computer, even if you are traveling or on the road. There are also some demo accounts that allow you to access the platform with a few clicks of your mouse.

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If you are new to Forex trading and want to learn the system and how to use it, then you can access and practice using the Top Forex demo account. However, if you want to get a more real-time experience with Forex trading, you can take the help of the live trading system.

The Forex Expert Advisor is what you can use for that. It allows you to trade using a custom-designed trading strategy and it has multiple indicators that can help you analyze the market in real time and make sound decisions for your trading.

The software also comes with the Forex Scalper Robot that can automatically trade the market for you by utilizing different algorithms to choose the most profitable trades. In case of losses, it can automatically halt trading until you can find a better plan for your trading strategy.

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